About us


Founded in 1957 by Sumida Mukojima.

Wolf & Dogs has been made by Materials unchanged from its founding commitment to,
and connection with a number of craftsmen and materials shops.


We will always create a product that looks the face of craftsmen

in society that can have from individual of connection.


Inoue Bag Works WHITE HORSE LEATHER has been brought up in that connection.

Our work was obtained many of evaluation in Paris buyers.


Features of the work is material using the foal of leather called White Horse, lightly, and supple.

And"Tanning" also produced the beauty and uniqueness of leather,

using a special method called pit tank tanning.


 "Wolf & Dog" Inoue Bag Works has been making products

with this precious leather with this process.


Long of tanning agent pickled will produce, the quality of strength and aging.

The color of the leather becomes darker depending on your embezzlement,

it will become your only bag.


You can enjoy a variety of changes in the beauty of the leather of this bag.

And it will be your only of goods in pursuit of function and beauty that can be long favorite.

Since it has been aniline dyed finish of vegetable tannin, finished leather is different is one by one facial expression.

Goods also differences facial expressions and colors one by one.  Please acknowledge.

Because it is a leather material there is discoloration. First use, avoid especially light colored clothing.

Pit tank tanning

Own essence and traditional technique


We processed leather by traditional method called "pit tank tanning".

The pit tank tanning is the process that marinate leather in place,

such as the pool put in the tanning agent.


Tanning agent has become something that can not be imitated.

Because of subjoining over a long period of time as eel sauce like,

It has become a liquid jammed its own essence,

and it has become something that can not easily imitate in other companies.


Normal process can be completed in the leather about 10 days.

However we soak in tanning agents by tanning pit tank about 2 months.

Since leather is soaked a long period of time,

tanning agent will soaks up every corner of the leather. And it will change to a fine base density.

Commitment to wax

Create the beauty and strength


The surface of the leather is faintly white.

The reason is because we are blowing the wax at the end of the finish.


By spraying the wax,

Leather gloss is better, you will not even be noticeable scratches on the leather.

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